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Companies under “Fazer” group in the Baltic States cooperate with “Miandum” Ltd. for several years already, and “Miandum” Ltd. is among our largest partner of transport logistics. We share common values, and we can characterize “Miandum” with four words: quality, competence, efficiency and accuracy.

Mr Māris Rodins
Senior Manager, Logistics
Fazer Brands


The enterprise “Miandum” is a very correct and cooperation-oriented partner. Good – is even too little said. Together we can solve complex isues and rejoice about the achieved result. Provided services have always been carried out in accordance with the set requirements, we can always trust and rely the job that must be done.

Mr Normunds Strautnieks
Member of the board
“Rix” Ltd.


Our cooperation with “Miandum” Ltd. continues successfully for several years already. During this period we have managed to attain a successful collaboration. The company employs professional and attentive staff. Supplies are timely and secure, as well as pricing is flexible and affordable. We are satisfied with the services provided by “Miandum” Ltd. and unequivocally recommend it to other companies.

Mr Aleksandrs Šnurko
Member of the board
“Basika” Ltd.


We collaborate with "Miandum" Ltd. since late 2008 to supply local cargoes both in vicinity of Riga and in entire Latvia. Quite regularly we succeeded to arrange emergency supplies, providing the necessary vehicle in a couple of hours. Drivers of the company present a correct attitude and carry out their duties promptly.

Mr Gatis Gedrovics
Baltic logistics coordinator
“Antalis” JSC


“Mono PAP” Ltd. rates the services of “Miandum” Ltd. as a reliable partner to cooperate which can be always trusted. Goods from the warehouse are collected on and delivered to the supplier in a timely manner. There haven't been problems with delivery on pre-holidays and holidays. They make it possible to arrange a delivery in a moment, and goods are delivered without damage. Good vehicles, kind and responsive attentive drivers.

Ms Sandra Lapseniete
“Mono PAP” Ltd.